Episode 30

Discerning Through Cancer and a Breakup with Maggie Eckburg


December 3rd, 2021

30 mins 41 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

On this episode, Maggie shares her unique journey toward marriage with her now husband of ten years and father to her three children, Jacob. This couple knows suffering. Before they were even engaged, they faced Maggie's cancer diagnosis, as well as Jacob's own health scares that led to them both having spent time at each other's hospital bedside. Once the physical healing came, the need for spiritual and emotional healing became evident and it was clear that more discernment work was needed, including even a breakup. In their journey, we see that trust in God, our posture of openness toward suffering, and a willingness to recommit ourselves to one another with patience, understanding, and love is instrumental to the success of anyone's love story.

Come listen as Maggie, lover of music, books, comedy, and seeing God in all things, shares this story with us!

On The Discerning Marriage Podcast, we accompany you on the journey to discover if marriage is God’s will for you, and if you already know that you’re called to marriage, we want to help you bring glory to God in your vocation.

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Maggie Eckburg is a Catholic wife, mom, teacher, photographer. She was born and raised in the Chicago area and currently teaches Theology of the Body to High Schoolers on the west side of Chicago using a curriculum she has spent over a decade creating. She also recently opened her own business, Everything is Grace Photography, for a space to integrate her love of faith, family, and beautiful imagery that takes you to the heart of Jesus.

A huge thank you to Catholic record label NOVUM Records and artist John Finch for our theme song "Send Down Your Spirit"!

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