Episode 28

Beauty and Your Wedding Day with Spoken Bride's Stephanie Calis


October 29th, 2021

35 mins

Season 3

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About this Episode

All brides and grooms want their wedding day to be special and beautiful, but did you know that this can actually be a way to glorify God with your relationship?? Join me as I talk with Stephanie Calis {of Spoken Bride Ministry!} about how to press deeply into your desire for a beautiful wedding day and how that can be a powerful witness to your guests! We also talk about her wedding planning book, which is a wonderful tool for you and your significant other to use when the time comes and a wonderful gift for people whom you love who are getting married soon!

On The Discerning Marriage Podcast, we accompany you on the journey to discover if marriage is God’s will for you, and if you already know that you’re called to marriage, we want to help you bring glory to God in your vocation.

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Stephanie is the author of the book Invited: The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner, a #1 Amazon bestseller in Weddings, and a blogger since 2012. A former full-time speaker, she seeks to engage the culture with the truth of authentic, sacrificial love by meeting people where they are and meeting them in matters of the heart. She has been featured on EWTN’s At Home with Jim and Joy and in Family Foundations Magazine, Brides.com, Blessed Is She, and The YoungCatholicWoman. Stephanie married her husband in 2011 on a 105 degree day, and they live in Maryland with their four children.

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